San Francisco Calls NRA “Domestic Terrorists” — NRA Fights Back

The phrase “domestic terrorist” isn’t something most people casually toss around. Apparently, the hyper-Liberal city of San Francisco doesn’t fully appreciate the gravity involved with that term. The city just called the National Rifle Association (NRA) a “domestic terrorist organization,” and the NRA is standing their ground against this hyperbolic accusation.

This action is an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country. There can be no place in our society for this manner of behavior by government officials. Fortunately, the NRA, like all US citizens, is protected by the First Amendment.

-William A. Brewer III, lawyer for the NRA

In response, the NRA is suing the city of San Francisco for this blatant attack. The organization primarily strives to protect our second amendment rights, not promote hate and enact violence against political opponents. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called out San Francisco’s behavior for what it is: an abuse of power:

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