San Diego Judges Subvert Trump Policy

San Diego Subverts Trump Policy

The Liberal anti-Trump state of California is at it again; undermining the president’s policies.

Judges in San Diego are ending immigration cases at rates higher than that of any other court in the nation. Specifically, nearly 33% out of 12,600 cases involving asylum-seeking migrants were overturned between January and September. To put that into comparison, judges in El Paso, Texas overturned less than 1% of their 14,000 cases.

Clearly, this is a problem specific to California and other like-minded sanctuary states. It isn’t just about a difference in ideology; multiple judges have expressed concerns about Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The president is attempting to fix the immigrant problem hurting our nation, but the highly-Liberal courts are trying to stand in his way.


This shouldn’t be a problem for much longer given how many Conservative judges the Trump administration has been able to appoint so far. The Left is acting on whatever borrowed time they have left.

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