Russians Meet With Iranians to Create Work Arounds of US Sanctions

Russians Meet With Iranians to Create Work Arounds of US Sanctions

( – Iranian media claims Russian businesses are holding meetings with the rogue state in an attempt to get around US sanctions. According to Iranian sources, hundreds of businesses attended a major conference in Moscow last week. Will this push the Biden administration into rethinking its policies toward Iran?

On April 6, Iran’s state-controlled Mehr news agency claimed that 70 Iranian companies and 250 Russian ones met at a conference in the Russian capital to discuss increased business cooperation. Iran’s ambassador to Russia said the two countries “will witness a leap in their bilateral relations.”

US sanctions have targeted Iran for years, thanks to their illegal nuclear weapons program. Now, Russia is under sanctions because of February’s invasion of Ukraine. Over that same time, Iran has been following a strategy of building trade links with Russia and China. Now, Russia has an interest in expanding that strategy.

Former President Donald Trump took a hard line on Iran, imposing over 960 new sanctions and removing the US from the Iran nuclear agreement. President Biden appears to be appeasing the Tehran regime instead and is lobbying to remove sanctions despite Iran pushing ahead with nuclear research. Lifting sanctions on Iran, right when they’re increasing cooperation with Russia, could open a back door into the Russian economy, allowing them to evade sanctions.

Should Biden take that into account in his dealings with Tehran?

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