Russian Ambassador Storms Out of UN Meeting

Russian Ambassador Storms Out of UN Meeting

Putin Ambassador STORMS OUT – UN Meeting Goes Wrong

( – There was excitement in the usually stodgy world of diplomacy this week when Russia’s representative lost his temper at a UN Security Council meeting. The ambassador objected to a European diplomat who blamed his country for the rising cost of food.

On June 6, Charles Michel, president of the EU’s European Council, spoke to the UN Security Council in New York. Discussing the global cost of living crisis Michel, a former prime minister of Belgium, told Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, “let’s be honest, the Kremlin is using food supplies as a stealth missile against developing countries…” placing the blame solely on Russia for the current food crisis.

Michel said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the country’s agriculture, and its troops are stealing much of the grain being grown. He went on to accuse the Russian military of war crimes — allegations that Nebenzia strongly denies. Michel’s speech left the Russian “visibly irritated” and he finally stormed out of the meeting, followed by a parting jibe from Michel — “maybe it’s easier not to listen to the truth.”

Nebenzia later told journalists he had to leave because of Michel’s “lies,” but the Belgian is far from the only one to blame Russia for the growing food crisis. The US, UK, EU and UN have all pinned responsibility on the Kremlin, and the US is working to restart grain exports from Ukraine. Was Michel right to say that Nebenzia just doesn’t want to hear the truth?

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