Russia Suggests Biden Has Dementia and Could Lead Us to War

Russia Suggests Biden Has Dementia and Could Lead Us to War

( – Before President Joe Biden even tossed his hat into the ring seeking the Democratic Party nomination for the 2020 election, he said, “I’m a gaffe machine.” Since he has taken over the oval office, the 80-year-old politician continues to prove himself right — and to cause concern about his mental acuity and his ability to effectively govern the country, not only in America but also the world over.

Suggestions of Dementia

Dmitry Medvedev is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deputy on the country’s Security Council (2020-present) and has previously served as president (2008-2012) and Prime Minister (2012-2020). He used his Telegram (a Russian social media platform similar to Twitter) account to take some potshots at Biden should he try for a second term in office.

In his February 10 post, Medvedev wrote, among other things, that during Biden’s first term in office, he:

  • Confuses names, names [sic], dates, and gets lost in his own office.
  • Blames all US economic problems on the machinations of Russia.
  • Can start a third world war due to absent-mindedness.

Then Medvedev decided to insult the entirety of America when he said the voters would not find “progressive dementia” as a roadblock to reelecting Biden. Echoing the Russian politician, Sky News Australia has broadcast and put on its YouTube channel several stories related to Biden’s wandering mind since January 2022.

The news channel from Down Under has titled its segments on the video-sharing platform with lines like “Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is obvious,” the president is “declining before the eyes of the world,” and he is “incapable of understanding what is happening.” That covers Russia and Australia, but what is the view of Biden in America?

On a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club” radio show, co-hosts Charlemagne Tha [g]od and DJ Envy were speaking with Liberal pundits Tiffany Cross and Andrew Rye when they suggested Biden may need to be tested for dementia. This resulted in a fiery back-and-forth among the four of them, with the Lefty ladies trying to defend Biden’s actions as typical for an 80-year-old man, to which Charlemagne responded by saying he’s not just a regular Joe; he’s the president of the United States.

On February 6, The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research released the results of a poll of the American people that asked whether or not they believe Biden should run for president in 2024. The breakdown of yes/no was as follows:

  • Overall: Yes 22%, No 78%
  • Democrats: Yes 37%, No 62%
  • Independents: Yes 12%, No 88%
  • Republicans: Yes 9%, No 91%

Another issue cropping up around the Twitterverse is a video of Biden after the completion of the 2023 State of the Union Address (SOTU) as he was walking to his car. Some say his gait was one associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. Twitter user @daytona_spyder (Sonny Crockett) shared the clip from C-SPAN along with a 2012 New York Times piece about a person’s walk as a potential indicator of the problem.

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