Russia Slapped With New Sanctions

Russia Slapped With New Sanctions

( – Russia is facing yet another round of harsh sanctions in response to its ongoing war with Ukraine. Governments from both the United States and European Union simultaneously announced new restrictions against the Russian Federation and its oligarchs on December 15. Each is aimed at imposing consequences for what a recent fact sheet labels “harmful foreign activities.”

According to the State Department press release, the US is heavily focused on sanctioning former Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Olegovich Potanin and his immediate connections. Additional restrictions target 32 individuals known to work for or with the Russian Federation, several of their family members, their businesses, a handful of Russian Railway board members, and at least seven proxy authorities operating out of Ukraine.

The EU’s sanctions, released on December 16, similarly penalize 140 oligarchs but also focus on restricting specific elements of Russia’s industries, military, and the financial sector that directly contribute to the war effort against Ukraine. This shortlist includes bans on the export of drone engines, dual-use goods, and technology to Russia. There are heavy penalties against Russia’s mining sector and Regional Development Bank as well.

Notably, the EU opted to ban Russian-backed market research, advertising, and public opinion polling services. It also suspended the broadcasting licenses of NTV/NTV Mir, Rossiya 1, REN TV, and Perviy Kanal, citing serious concerns about international disinformation and information manipulation campaigns.

Leaders from the EU and the US collectively agree harsher restrictions are aimed at making it more difficult for the Russian Federation to continue battling Ukraine. This position is far from new, but the widened scope suggests both countries may be trying to step up those efforts in a more meaningful way. Whether or not the penalties will be enough to slow Russia down remains unclear.

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