Russia Cracks Down on Protesters

A recent and “typical” Moscow city council election transformed into a massive public outcry. All was normal until Putin prevented opposing parties from running in the election. This resulted in a huge protest against Putin’s cronyism.

This new wave of citizens rising up against Putin’s government could result in the end of his presidency. Meanwhile, Putin is attempting to suppress any dissenting voices by detaining the protesters. One demonstrator was sentenced to jail for years simply for attending a few “unauthorized” rallies.

Few are certain of the results of Russia’s next wave of legislative elections in 2021. Sergei Medvedev, a political science professor, shared his opinion about the current movement.

The levels of repression and civil resistance are going to rise, and I think that’s the likely scenario in the coming political seasons. I don’t see any radical changes… I see both sides continually raising the stakes.

-Sergei Medvedev, Political Science Professor in Moscow

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