Russia Claims to Have Found US Biological Weapons

Russia Claims to Have Found US Biological Weapons

( – Russia is claiming to have found American biological weapons in Ukraine and is accusing the US of violating a 1972 treaty banning germ warfare. The announcement comes just one day after China also accused the US of developing bioweapons in Ukraine. Is the Biden administration hiding something, or is this just propaganda?

On March 8, a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) spokesman claimed the US controls 336 military biological laboratories in 30 countries, including 26 in Ukraine, and demanded international inspections of the labs. The next day, Russia’s foreign ministry went further, saying “We have found your biological material” in Ukraine. Russia is demanding an explanation for the laboratories and says the US is secretly violating the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. The Pentagon says the Russian claims are “absurd” and “untrue.”

The US produced and stockpiled biological weapons for over three decades, starting in 1941, but President Nixon halted their production in 1969 and ordered the destruction of all existing weapons in 1971. Since then, the US has only produced limited quantities of biological weapons to test defenses, operations it carries out at Fort Detrick, MD.

On the other hand, Russia continued developing offensive bioweapons until at least the mid-1990s, and the State Department believes they’re still doing it. Additionally, Russia has a track record of lying about weapons of mass destruction. In 2017, they claimed to have destroyed all their chemical weapons, but Russian agents used one to attack a defector in the UK a year later. If Russia shows off the weapons it claims to have captured, it might be a good idea to peel off the “Made in America” sticker to see what’s under it.

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