Rudy Giuliani Targets Schiff

Rudy Giuliani Targets Schiff

The Leftist war against President Trump proved that it knows no bounds with this recent impeachment inquiry. It’s fundamentally baseless and ultimately disruptive to our political institutions. Dems want to waste time attacking Trump over nothing instead of fixing the country.

And Rudy Giuliani is stepping up to do something about it. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), also endearingly known as “Schifty” according to Trump, apparently had a heads up that the whistleblower would attack Trump. In light of this information, Giuliani is calling for Schiff to face the consequences of his illicit actions.

Accountability seems to be all but lost on the left side of the aisle these days. Democrats will continue to get away with their actions as long as Americans are complacent amidst this impeachment nonsense. Hopefully, Guliani’s public questioning of the shady Dems behind this inquiry will get what’s coming to them.


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