Rudy Giuliani Says 650,000 Cases of Illegal Votes Found (REPORT)

Rudy Giuliani Says 650,000 Cases of Illegal Votes Found

( – Controversy continues to rage concerning numerous allegations of voting irregularities during the November 3 presidential election. Now some of the specifics are coming to light.

During a November 11 interview, President Donald Trump’s long-time associate and personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs about 650,000 illegal votes were cast in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

There’s “no doubt” they were illegally cast, he told Dobb, adding Republican election monitors didn’t observe election workers counting the ballots there.


Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s office released a statement earlier this week claiming ballot watchers from “all parties” observed the ballot count process in its entirety, adding that any claim to the contrary “is a lie.”

However, despite the governor’s denials, the courts are considering several legal claims to the contrary in Pennsylvania and other states. President Trump predicted the courts would ultimately decide the winner of the presidential election. It appears he may have been correct. Time will tell.

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