Rubio Unveils Bill to Allow Investors to Sue Companies Over Boycotts

Rubio Unveils Bill to Allow Investors to Sue Companies Over Boycotts

( – Woke corporations that value virtue-signaling ahead of their customers and shareholders could soon be taking a hit in the pocketbook after a GOP senator introduced a bill to let investors sue over political gestures.

On September 23, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced the Mind Your Own Business Act, a bill creating a new legal basis for angry shareholders to take action. If the bill becomes law, investors will gain the right to sue if a business they have a stake in boycotts a state, pulls products for woke reasons or makes other political gestures that could harm the value of their shares.

Rubio told Maria Bartiromo of Fox News if businesses want to make this sort of gesture, “they should have to justify to their large shareholders why they’ve done it” – and demonstrate why it’s in the best interests of the company. If they can’t do that, senior executives will become liable for breach of their duty to their investors.

Since the 2020 general election, Rubio has campaigned tirelessly against the woke agenda, believing it’s the way to reconnect with ordinary Americans. While the MYOB Act is unlikely to become law as long as the Left maintains majorities in Congress, it helps keep the pressure on the social justice warriors who’re tearing our society apart.

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