Rosenstein Reveals Trump Was Right All Along

Rosenstein Reveals Trump Was Right All Along

( – President Donald Trump has always maintained the surveillance that propelled the Russia investigation was shady. Earlier this year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) agreed with him. Now, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is conceding he was wrong when he signed a warrant that kept it alive.

In January 2020, the DOJ released a statement declaring two of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant renewals for former Trump campaign aide Carter Page were invalid. The concession came after a report by the Inspector General that found numerous errors in the application to continue surveillance.

On Wednesday, June 3, Rosenstein testified before the Senate and admitted he was wrong for signing off on the FISA renewals for Page. In hindsight, he claims he would not have done it.

Had Rosenstein done his job, the investigation could have been wrapped up a lot sooner. Instead, he allowed the FBI to do whatever they wanted to do and wasted valuable time on a nothing-burger. Trump was right. It was a witch hunt.

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