Ron DeSantis Wife Returns to Campaign Trail With Her Husband

Ron DeSantis Wife Returns to Campaign Trail With Her Husband

Ron DeSantis’ WIFE Has Special News – Fans Notified!

( – On October 4, 2021, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) issued a press release notifying the country of his wife’s recent breast cancer diagnosis. Then, on March 3, 2022, he announced that doctors had declared Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis cancer-free. More good news broke recently when DeSantis’s wife unexpectedly returned to the campaign trail after enduring months of treatments.

Fox News reported that on Monday, May 9, Casey DeSantis joined her husband onstage at a Sumter County “DeSantis Day” campaign event. Approaching the stage, she addressed her husband, telling him it may not be “first lady-like, but damn, it feels good to be here.”

First Lady DeSantis turned her attention to the elated crowd and told them no matter how difficult life might become, no matter your struggles, “pick yourself off the ground… [and] fight like hell.”

The first lady also expressed gratitude for her recent recovery, telling the audience she’s a living testament to God’s greatness and goodness. She concluded her remarks by reflecting on words her father often shared with her about never losing faith, and never letting the darkness win.

Casey DeSantis posted a tweet less than a week before the event thanking her supporters for their thoughts and prayers and offering her’s to anyone “also in the fight.” Gov. DeSantis replied to her tweet acknowledging God’s power and expressing gratitude for the “outpouring” of support his wife received during her battle with cancer.

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