Ron DeSantis Says He Wants to Accept Cryptocurrency for Taxes

Ron DeSantis Says He Wants to Accept Cryptocurrency for Taxes

( – Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis continues taking a pioneering approach to leading his state through difficult economic times in the aftermath of the pandemic and President Joe Biden’s failed economic policies. DeSantis recently announced his desire to accept cryptocurrency for some tax payments.

On Tuesday, March 22, DeSantis spoke with reporters after a signing ceremony for Senate Bill 1054, a new measure requiring high school students to complete a financial literacy course to receive a standard diploma. He brought up the topic of emerging technologies impacting financial services.

DeSantis said his administration is working to establish a mechanism for Florida businesses to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency. “If a business wants to pay in cryptocurrency… [Florida agencies] should be willing to accept that,” he stated, adding, “We will accept Bitcoin.”

DeSantis’ move mirrors Colorado’s, where legislators recently passed a measure allowing its residents to pay their taxes using cryptocurrency by the end of 2022, a first for a US state. Likewise, Wyoming passed four crypto bills in mid-February, making it the country’s most crypto-friendly state.

This push to embrace the use of cryptocurrency at the state level could indicate a future nationwide push toward digital currency for a broad spectrum of services, governmental and otherwise.

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