Ron DeSantis Responds to Claim He Overruled Local Initiatives

Ron DeSantis Responds to Claim He Overruled Local Initiatives

( – Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) continues to fight against attempts to restrict the freedom of his citizens in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the Sunshine State leader takes an active role in ensuring Floridians aren’t affected by unconstitutional and draconian demands. Now, he’s firing back at leaders who accuse him of stepping out of line by overruling local government initiatives.

During a November 19 appearance in Brandon, Florida, DeSantis short-listed examples of overreach throughout the pandemic.

The governor accused local governments of:

  • Preventing children from attending school
  • Locking down brick and mortar businesses
  • Forcing mask and vaccine mandates on citizens

“You’re damned right I overruled them on that,” he stressed.

DeSantis surmised if he hadn’t stepped in last year to take action against local government initiatives, Florida would look much different right now. Kids would remain unable to attend school, while the unemployment rate would be catastrophically high.

The governor also touched on another important point: It’s his job to ensure the liberty and freedom of all Floridians. He pointed out our country is called the United States of America, NOT the United School Board or County Commission. DeSantis is a shining example of a leader willing to stand up for America’s constitutional rights by working to implement stronger state legislation protecting individual rights against government overreach at every level.

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