Ron DeSantis POLL Makes Unexpected Discovery!

Ron DeSantis Poll Shows Hispanics Support His Immigration Relocation Efforts

Ron DeSantis Poll Shows Hispanics Support His Immigration Relocation Efforts

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stirred up a hornet’s nest in the mainstream media when he transported two planes full of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard in mid-September. Never one to shy away from controversy, DeSantis defended his decision a few days later, telling reporters, “there may be more flights,” amid cheers from onlookers, according to Reuters. A new poll showing that most Cubans residing in Florida supported the move indicates the conservative firebrand may have the last laugh after all.

A new survey of 625 registered Hispanic voters, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy from October 17-20, showed that 71% of Cubans approved of DeSantis’ relocation of recent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Likewise, 52% of the participants born in another country supported the governor’s decision.

Additionally, Hispanics overwhelmingly supported DeSantis’ performance leading Florida’s recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian, with 83% of Cubans, 72% of Puerto Ricans, and 68% of other Hispanics approving of his leadership. DeSantis also polled well regarding his handling of COVID-19 and overall job performance.

DeSantis currently leads Democratic rival and former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. Fifty-one percent (51%) of registered Hispanic voters said they would vote for him, with a paltry 44% saying the same about Crist.

DeSantis’ favor with Hispanic voters is key to his successful reelection since they represent more than 13% of the registered voters in Florida, making them the second-largest group behind White, non-Hispanics. As of October 11, the Florida Department of State’s 2022 election data shows 14,503,978 registered voters, with more than 8.8 million whites, 2.6 million Hispanics, and 1.9 million blacks.

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