Ron DeSantis Plan Works as COVID Cases Go Down in Florida

Ron DeSantis Plan Works as COVID Cases Go Down in Florida

( – There is more than one approach to combating the COVID-19 virus, as evidenced by the various actions taken by the nation’s governors. Some, like New York’s former Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, implemented harsh coronavirus-based restrictions but still experienced extraordinarily high infection and death rates. Others, like Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, took a different route.

DeSantis diligently promoted personal choice and individual liberty for Floridians instead of following the lead of Democratic governors who issued a near-endless stream of mandates. He also paid particular attention to the rights of parents to make medical decisions on behalf of children instead of governmental entities and institutions.

The proof is in figures, and by every indication, they currently lean toward DeSantis’ approach. For instance, the CDC reported 17,078 COVID-19 cases in Florida for the 7-day period ending on October 19. By comparison, New York had 23,002 cases, and Democratic-led California had 23,989. Looking at the number of deaths, the CDC reported 47 in Florida, 181 in New York, and 89 in California.

Curiously, the percentages of the eligible population in each state which are fully vaccinated showed nominal differences between states, despite New York and California’s strict mandates. Likewise, the 7-day moving average of new hospitalizations saw a difference of only 122 individuals between the three states.

While COVID-19’s future impact on the nation remains unclear, for now, Florida is experiencing decreasing rates of new infections and hospitalizations.

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