Ron DeSantis New Law Protecting Homes From Protests Makes Radicals Angry

Ron DeSantis New Law Protecting Homes From Protests Makes Radicals Angry

Ron DeSantis Just Made A Lot Of Radicals Very Angry

( – In March, Florida legislators passed an anti-picketing measure prohibiting protests outside of a person’s place of residence. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed CS/HB 1571 into law on Monday, May 16, sparking outrage from an unlikely source.

Right-wing political activist Laura Loomer posted a scathing rebuke of the new law on her Gettr account shortly after DeSantis signed the bill. Loomer, a GOP candidate for the US House for Florida’s 11th Congressional District, called CS/HB 1571 an unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment’s protections, adding peaceful protests outside lawmakers’ homes “on public property should be allowed.”

Ironically, Loomer also referenced a 2019 incident at the residence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). She reportedly climbed over a security fence and pitched a tent on private property to protest the Democratic leader’s resistance to providing the necessary funding for then-President Donald Trump’s border wall.

DeSantis’ press secretary told Newsweek that Floridians are “free to exercise their First Amendment rights to protest,” however, “intimidating” individuals at their places of residence isn’t “constitutionally protected speech.” The governor’s office also pointed out that CS/HB 1571 passed with bipartisan support.

Progressives like American Immigration Council attorney Aaron Reichlin-Melnick called the measure unconstitutional, and The Black Collective vowed to push back against the law.

Do you think First Amendment protections give protesters the right to demonstrate in residential neighborhoods?

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