Ron DeSantis Denies Ever Allowing Big Tech Censorship Like He Claims Trump Did

( – Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, faced some tough questions regarding his latest polling figures during a recent interview with Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo. She asked the presidential hopeful what he could do to appeal to Donald Trump’s supporters in the upcoming GOP primaries. DeSantis said he would avoid following the former president’s lead and not allow Big Tech censorship to run amock as he believes Trump did.

Bartiromo pummelled DeSantis during the interview, which aired on July 9. She pointed out that the governor could only get the support of 22% of eligible voters surveyed in a recent Fox News Poll. On the flip side, Trump received the backing of 56%.

Fired up, Bartiromo attributed Trump’s two-digit lead to voters’ reactions to the fundamental unfairness and corruption of the nation’s justice system. Putting her sights back on DeSantis, the Fox News anchor asked him point blank what he planned to do about recent revelations the FBI had conspired with Twitter to suppress the truth, amplify lies, and censor information.

Echoing a familiar Republican talking point, DeSantis said he would end the “weaponization of [the] government.” He explained that starting on day one in office, he would start firing people like FBI Director Christopher Wray and other Justice Department officials.

Drawing a comparison between himself and Trump, DeSantis said, “the jury’s still out,” with Trump regarding Director Wray. He also pointed out that “Trump’s own agencies” allowed the censorship of information regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged corruption to happen. “I would never allow that to happen,” he explained, adding that he would “fire those people immediately.”

DeSantis pointed to his record cleaning house in Florida. He said that at his direction, the state legislature passed measures barring state and local government officials from “colluding with tech companies” to censor political speech. He also noted that he fired a prosecutor in Tampa backed by leftist billionaire George Soros. Likewise, he took steps to remove a Broward County sheriff.

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