Ron DeSantis Accused of Violating Campaign Finance Law

Ron DeSantis Accused of Violating Campaign Finance Law

( – The race for next year’s Republican presidential nomination is still in its early stages, but it looks like it’s already turning nasty. So far, former president Donald Trump is the most popular candidate, and his most dangerous rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, has yet to confirm his plans to run. However, Trump’s team is already accusing him of breaking campaign finance laws.

On March 15, Super PAC MAGA, Inc, aligned with former President Donald Trump, filed a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics alleging DeSantis has received illegal donations through third parties. According to the complaint, the governor has “solicited and received” millions of dollars in contributions through routes that violate both Florida ethics laws and the state’s constitution. Now the PAC is demanding action from the Commission, claiming without immediate action, DeSantis will “continue violating the law.”

MAGA Inc says the fact DeSantis hasn’t yet declared himself as a candidate is a deliberate move that allows him to accept “illegal campaign contributions” as well as “personal benefits” aimed at influencing his decision to run or not. Their complaint also alleges DeSantis is already making moves that show he plans to run; as evidence, they cited his recent book tour — which could also be explained by the fact he’s just published a book — and a March 10 speaking appearance in Des Moines, Iowa.

So far, though. DeSantis is leaving his options open. He was re-elected as governor last year with a solid majority, and his performance is building him a strong support base with the GOP grassroots. If he runs in 2024, he’ll have to step down less than halfway through his second term and give up his platform. He might think it makes more sense to let Trump take the 2024 nomination and save his own run for 2028. However, it looks like at least some of Trump’s supporters aren’t willing to risk it.

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