Romney Wants to Give This to Citizens

Romney Wants to Give This to Citizens

( – Americans are doing their best to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak. But not everyone is fortunate or wealthy enough to properly prepare for the worst, let alone stock up on all of the emergency supplies they need. President Trump gave multiple announcements last week regarding his plans to deal with the virus.

Some people, like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), think that more should be done to help individuals. So, Romney’s taking a (partial) page from Andrew Yang’s set of policies and saying that everyone should receive $1,000 immediately to help prepare for the virus. As expected, Yang fans are very happy to see their favorite ex-DNC presidential candidate getting some validation.

Romney isn’t the most popular senator on the Hill after voting against President Trump on one impeachment charge, abuse of power, during the Senate impeachment trial in February. However, that isn’t stopping him from proposing a plan to help Americans ease their financial burden. Whether it comes to pass or not remains to be seen.


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