Robot Dogs Deployed Across China to Enforce Lockdowns

Robot Dogs Deployed Across China to Enforce Lockdowns

( – The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has earned a reputation for the brutality by which it governs its citizens. China’s approach to COVID-19 restrictions is no exception. Officials recently resorted to using new technology to enforce the latest harsh lockdowns.

On Wednesday, March 30, noted MAGA supporter and Malaysian Twitter personality Ian Miles Cheong posted a short video of a robot dog walking quickly down a Shanghai, China, street. Observers can hear the dog barking orders to residents using a loudspeaker mounted on its back.

Summit News reported officials throughout Asian countries have been using robotic dogs to broadcast reminders to citizens to follow quarantine and social-distancing mandates.

Another dystopian video shows a robodog patrolling Singapore’s Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park district. The robot is armed with a camera-equipped remote and loudspeaker to warn residents about social-distancing mandates.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of robot dogs is the fact a US-based company, Boston Dynamics, manufactures them. Its website boasts its robotic canine, Spot, comes equipped with automated sensing and inspection capabilities, can capture unlimited data, and “explore without boundaries.”

One must wonder if it’s just a matter of time until United States officials start using these high-tech bullies on their citizens.

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