RNC Requests Emergency Ruling by Supreme Court on Election Meddling by Democrats

RNC Requests Emergency Ruling by Supreme Court on Election Meddling by Democrats

(RightWing.org) – Once again, Democrats are trying to rig an election in their favor.

According to Fox News, the Republican National Committee has officially filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court to look into election meddling in Rhode Island after Democrats randomly changed the requirements for mail-in voting just weeks before the election. The rule changes purposely target Republican voters and give Democrats an unfair advantage.

More Election Meddling by Democrats

The Republican National Committee has called on the Supreme Court to uphold voting standards for November’s presidential election. Democrats are trying to relax the rules; the GOP says this risks electoral chaos and threatens our democracy.

The trigger for the RNC’s request was a move by Rhode Island to scrap vital protections on mail-in ballots. Up to now, voters in the state who want a postal ballot have had to provide two witnesses, or have their application notarized, to get the ballot.

However, on July 28, a federal judge ordered this requirement scrapped after the ACLU filed a lawsuit. RI Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea (D) called it “a victory for voting rights and public health.” Republicans say it means anyone can vote without having to prove they’re entitled to.

Now the Republican Party of Rhode Island (RPRI), backed by the RNC, wants the Supreme Court to impose a stay on the decision. They say that if they’re forced to go through the usual appeals process the election will be over by the time a judge gets to hear their arguments.

RPRI chair Sue Cienki said “It is unheard of a judge would not allow a political party to intervene in a case dealing with election law,” and pointed out that the Supreme Court has already overturned lower courts’ attempts to invalidate state election laws.

Trump Calls For Using Proven Systems

President Trump has also called for states to stick with correct voting procedures. In late July he warned that the mass use of mail-in ballots on an unprecedented scale would lead to the most corrupt election in American history.

Mail-in voting has a role to play. Some people, like soldiers deployed abroad or those housebound by disability, can’t vote any other way. The problem is, Democrats are trying to expand it to cover tens of millions of people – and, at the same time, strip it of its anti-fraud protections. It’s not hard to work out why.

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