RNC Deploys Pro-Trump Staffers

RNC Deploys Pro-Trump Staffers

(RightWing.org) – With the 2020 elections coming at the end of this year, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is turning up the heat.

The RNC is sending out an additional 300 field staffers in 18 crucial states to persuade voters to choose the only reasonable candidate on the field: Donald Trump.

This new wave of ground-level campaigners will effectively double the RNC’s presence in strategic election states. Many of them are battleground states that Trump either won in 2016 or narrowly lost to Hillary. Those include Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Minnesota.

Democrats are also targeting other states that have the potential to flip blue in 2020. Georgia, Arizona, and Texas are among the list.

The new deployment of staffers is expected to cost several million dollars. While expensive, the RNC absolutely has the resource advantage that Democrats could only dream of. In November 2019, Republicans had around seven times as much funding in the coffers compared to their Democratic opposition.

One thing’s for sure: Republicans are going to continue to step up the fight for Trump and are not going to take any State for granted in this 2020 election year.

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