RNC Decision Could Mean No More Presidential Debates

RNC Decision Could Mean No More Presidential Debates

(RightWing.org) – Did you enjoy the presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden? Well, treasure those memories because they might have been the last ones you’ll ever see.

On January 13, the Republican National Committee (RNC) wrote to the Commission on Presidential Debates to say they’re considering banning presidential candidates who seek the GOP nomination from participating in debates sponsored by the Commission. The RNC believes the Commission has an anti-Republican bias and selects moderators who don’t give conservative candidates a fair chance. It’s threatening to shut down the debates unless the Commission makes significant changes in its procedures.

The RNC has the power to change party rules and plans to discuss this change at their winter meeting on January 29, but in practice, its authority is limited. After last week’s letter, the Commission stated that it deals directly with candidates when organizing debates – and the final decision to join a debate or not belongs to the candidate, not the RNC. While the RNC can change the rules, the convention – which the nominee effectively controls – can change it back again.

But what if they don’t? In that case, the RNC could find a new partner to run the debates – and if the Democrats wanted there to be a debate, they’d have to go along with it. Whoever runs the 2024 presidential debates will hopefully run them more fairly.

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