RNA Technology Expert Says Biden Policy Will ‘Cause More Harm Than Good’

RNA Technology Expert Says Biden Policy Will 'Cause More Harm Than Good'

(RightWing.org) – News outlets recently reported the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could grant full approval to the Pfizer vaccine by late August or early September. So far, pharmaceutical companies have been distributing the COVID-19 vaccine using emergency use authorizations (EUAs) granted by the FDA last December. The Biden administration has been discussing possible vaccine mandates once the FDA grants full approval. A noted immunologist and Trump official are speaking out about potential risks in that plan.

On August 5, The Washington Times published an article by Dr. Robert Malone and former Trump administration official Peter Navarro. For those unfamiliar with Dr. Malone’s work, he is one of the researchers who worked on the mRNA technology that eventually led to the development of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

The two men began by explaining the Biden administration’s rush to “universally vaccinate” Americans during an ongoing pandemic “is bad science” that could “cause more harm than good.”

According to Malone and Navarro, President Joe Biden is driving his COVID-19 policy based on “four flawed assumptions.”

  1. Universal vaccination can lead to herd immunity and eradicate COVID-19. But, as the two men explained, the coronavirus is so widespread globally that complete elimination of the virus isn’t possible, unlike past diseases like polio and smallpox.
  2. The COVID-19 vaccines are infallible. According to Malone and Navarro, this simply isn’t true. The recent spread of the Delta variant has demonstrated as much.
  3. The coronavirus vaccines are safe. However, Dr. Malone and Peter Navarro reported the COVID-19 vaccine does have risks of “known side effects” like “serious cardiac and thrombotic conditions… Bell’s Palsy… and anaphylaxis.”
  4. The effects of the COVID-19 vaccines last long enough to eradicate the virus. Malone and Navarro wrote it appears the COVID-19 vaccines “offer a mere 180-day window of protection,” far less than necessary to eradicate COVID-19 globally.

Malone and Navarro concluded their article by noting the mere existence of a “vaccine hammer” doesn’t mean the government should use it for “every nail.” So, for now, they recommend only vaccinating America’s most vulnerable citizens.

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