Ring Employees Spying on Customers

Ring Employees Spying on Customers
Ring Employees Spying on Customers

The Ring doorbell system has been heavily promoted by Amazon, and with good reason. Amazon paid more than $1 billion to acquire Ring, and is obviously looking to make a profit on it ASAP. At a glance, the system is every homeowner’s dream. You can see and talk to the people at your doorbell whether you’re home or not.

Even better, it’s one of the most affordable security video systems on the market. But the price may be more than most customers expect… and not just in the form of cash. You guessed it, The Ring system might keep you alert when it comes to who may be at your door, but you aren’t the only one watching, and what’s being watched isn’t limited to the front door.


  • In 2016, Ring created Ring Labs, a Ukraine-based company that was created to help develop a system that recognized faces as well as other objects and activities.
  • Amazon purchased Ring in 2018, for more than $1 billion.
  • Ring Labs was given access to every video ever created and therefore saved in a specific file.
  • Amazon executives were given access to live video feeds coming from any active Ring camera. Yes, this includes cameras inside the home as well as outside.
  • All that is required to access these live feeds is the customer email address.
  • Ring videos are not encrypted because the cost to the company to do this would be too great.
  • According to LinkedIn, Rings Labs is still actively recruiting employees to tag objects in videos, suggesting that the company still has and uses their access to saved files.
  • Allegedly, Ring Labs was created to further develop Neighbors, a feature of the Ring system. This feature is supposed to monitor activity around the house, but users were complaining that the system was sending alerts for things like moving cars or branches.