RIGGED: 92% of Media Coverage of Trump Negative…

RIGGED: 92% of Media Coverage of Trump Negative...

(RightWing.org) – It’s no secret the president doesn’t like the mainstream media. He’s been sparring with them for decades over their negative and false reporting. In the months leading up to the presidential election, however, the media appears to have escalated their war on factual reporting.

A new research report released on October 27 by Media Research Center (MRC) confirmed President Donald Trump’s allegations of bias in the mainstream media.

MRC conducted a comprehensive analysis of evening news coverage of the president and Joe Biden from July 29 to October 20 on the three major networks — NBC, CBS, and ABC.

According to MRC’s analysts, they commented nearly 900 times about the president casting him in a negative light more than 92% of the time and favorably less than 8% of the time.

Inversely, the networks commented on Biden 91 times with 60 positive remarks and 31 negative ones. Comparing averages, the networks painted Trump negatively 92.4% of the time to Biden’s 34%.

It’s no small wonder the president has an aversion to speaking to members of the mainstream media. As he recently told 60 Minutes host Lesley Stahl, if it weren’t for social media, he wouldn’t have any way of “getting out [his] voice” to the American people.

Mainstream media bias is real, now there’s proof.

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