RFK Jr. Admits to Relationship with Epstein and Maxwell

(RightWing.org) – The mere mention of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein continues to raise controversy four years after he died in a Manhattan detention center while awaiting trial on federal charges. Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr recently admitted to having a relationship with Epstein and his criminal accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell.

On December 5, RFK Jr. sat down with Fox News primetime host Jesse Watters to discuss his campaign. The conversation quickly turned to recent revelations regarding the former Democrat’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Kennedy readily admitted that he had flown two times on Epstein’s private jet, known to the deceased criminal’s detractors as “The Lolita Express.” Kennedy said he had taken the aircraft to Palm Beach, Florida, to visit his mother, accompanied by his late ex-wife, Mary Kennedy, and his two children over the Easter break in 1993. He explained that his wife “had some kind of relationship” with Maxwell, and she helped arrange the ride onboard Epstein’s private aircraft.

Continuing, Kennedy related that he also flew on Epstein’s jet on a fossil-hunting trip with his family later that same year. He said he thought four of his children accompanied him and Mary on that trip. However, if his timeline is correct, that’s impossible, considering only two of his six children had been born yet, and they were with his first wife, Emily Black.

Additionally, Kennedy didn’t marry Mary until mid-April 1994. They had four children, starting with the birth of Conor Kennedy later that year, followed by Kyra Kennedy (1995), William Kennedy (1997), and Aiden Kennedy (2001).

There’s another alarming discrepancy in Kennedy’s recounting of events. In November, Newsweek spoke to a spokesperson for his campaign about his name appearing on a list of passengers on Epstein’s private jet circulating on social media sites. Pressed on the issue, that individual admitted that Kennedy had flown on the aircraft to visit his mother in 1993 but neglected to mention the other trip.

It remains unclear whether the omission of any mention of the second trip was an oversight or something else. However, media sites like the New York Post have addressed that contradiction.

Either way, it’s important to note, as Newsweek did, that so far, no one has suggested that individuals flying on Epstein’s jet were involved in any unlawful activities.

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