Revitalizing Small Businesses Post-Coronavirus

Revitalizing Small Businesses Post-Coronavirus

( – This year has been a disaster for small businesses. Stores, bars and restaurants have been devastated by loss of revenue and problems with suppliers. Tens of thousands have closed. What are we going to do about it?

The administration has already invested in helping businesses survive, with the $2.2 trillion CARES Act signed by President Trump in March. That helped some small businesses meet the payroll while they were closed under lockdown.

Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, small business owners are still optimistic. In fact, 2020 saw the highest number of new business applications in ten years. Public confidence in small businesses has also risen – to the highest level ever.

America needs small businesses. They provide many of the goods and services we need. In return, they need us. The best way to revitalize those that survive the pandemic, and help the new ones founded this year to grow and thrive, is for everyone to favor small businesses over online ones or large corporations whenever possible.

The government also needs to do its share by freeing small businesses from excessive regulations and taxes. If we give our small businesses the space and support they need, they can come back stronger than ever.

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