REVEALED – Best U.S. Cites To Survive A Nuclear Strike!

Best US Cities To Survive a Nuclear Bomb Attack Revealed

Best US Cities To Survive a Nuclear Bomb Attack Revealed

( – The Cold War may have ended roughly 30 years ago, but concerns regarding the possibility of nuclear war did not halt with the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. For instance, President Vladimir Putin recently threatened the use of atomic weapons in the wake of the Ukrainian advances during its ongoing conflict with Russian military forces. Recent reports listed some of the US cities most likely to survive a nuclear attack in the face of increased nuclear threats.

Predicting nuclear safe zones is tricky business. Experts must consider the size of the weapons, weather conditions, and their impact on potential downwind fallout. Some experts estimate that areas lacking large urban cities and nuclear power plants could be some of the safest locales. Cities like Portland, Maine and Oregon; Redding, California; Lewiston, Maine; and Lubbock, Texas, would be some of the safest places to reside.

Inversely, places like Maryland presidential retreat, Camp David, would be a likely target for an attack. Similarly, vital military installations like California’s McClellan Air Force Base, Maryland’s Fort Ritchie, and Washington State’s Jim Creek Naval Radio Station would be attractive targets.

The Brookings Institution guest scholar and director of the US Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project, Stephen Schwartz, recently told Business Insider that there was a “0.0% chance” that Russia would survive launching a nuclear attack on the US due to America’s advanced response systems. For that reason, he predicted that people in large cities like New York shouldn’t have to fear an act of nuclear aggression.

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