Republicans Pass Key Bill in Texas

Republicans Pass Key Bill in Texas

( – For weeks, Democratic state legislators have been playing political games to block a key Texas voter integrity bill. However, Republicans refused to back down, and last Thursday, their determination paid off dramatically.

Six weeks ago, Democrats from the Texas House fled Austin and remained out of reach in Washington, DC, in a bid to halt the state’s new election law by denying the legislature a quorum. The move provoked fury from Republicans, who condemned it as Dems trying to block a vote they knew they couldn’t win.

Two weeks ago, Governor Greg Abbott (R) and Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) served civil arrest warrants on the AWOL lawmakers to force them back to work. Last Thursday, three of them finally returned, allowing the House to assemble a quorum of 99 members.

After a brutal debate characterized by Democrat accusations of racism, the Texas Hosue passed the bill with a 79-37 vote. Next, the legislation will go to the Texas Senate, where Republicans hold 18 of the 31 seats. After that, its final stop will be with Governor Abbott, who tweeted on Thursday, “I look forward to signing this bill into law.”

Meanwhile, the Lone Star Democrats are descending into bitter infighting, as those still in DC angrily abuse colleagues who decided to return to Texas and do their jobs.

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