Reports Allege the White House Knew About Migrant Surges

( – The Biden administration has faced a lot of criticism over its bungling of the migration crisis at our southern border. Since President Joe Biden took office, security has collapsed, and illegal immigrants are flooding into the country — and he’s been under constant fire for not doing anything to solve the problem. Now it turns out that the administration knew the latest surge in migrants was coming — and still did nothing about it.

On September 25, the Washington Free Beacon reported that it had obtained documents from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about the border situation. These documents show that starting in May, Mexican immigration officials saw a sudden rise in the number of migrants they apprehended. Because migrants rarely want to settle in Mexico, they generally pass through the country on the way to our border.

When Mexico sees more migrants, the US will soon be seeing them too. That’s exactly what happened this summer. By August, Mexico was detaining a record high number of migrants — and Mexico talks to Customs and Border Protection on the migrant situation, so the DHS knew what was going on. Despite that, the Biden administration did nothing to prepare for the surge. In August, almost 232,000 people crossed our border illegally.

Biden has been failing on immigration since he took office; an estimated 3.8 million people have crossed over from Mexico during his presidency. It can’t be brushed under the rug anymore, though. Republicans have been criticizing his inaction from the beginning, but now his own party is running out of patience too.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) and NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) have both been fiercely critical of his administration, as tens of thousands of migrants arrive in the state. If Biden doesn’t do something about illegal immigration soon he’s going to build a rare bipartisan consensus — against himself.

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