Reporter Finally Asks Jen Psaki What Americans Really Want to Know

Reporter Finally Asks Jen Psaki What Americans Really Want to Know

( – White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki has been working hard to hide the Biden administration’s confused approach to the COVID pandemic, but even she couldn’t give a straight answer to an inconvenient question this week.

On July 27, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy got the chance to ask Psaki a question, and he made the most of it. Earlier that day, President Biden, on recommendations from the CDC, had just announced that everyone should keep wearing face masks – even if they’ve been vaccinated. Doocy wanted to know why we’re supposed to wear masks if the vaccine protects us from the virus. And Psaki didn’t have an answer.

The best Psaki could do was claim the renewed mask advice was “based on data” and was “an extra step” – none of which answered the question. Her evasiveness gave the impression the administration is telling us to wear masks just because it can.

That’s certainly how several governors have taken it, anyway. Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds (R) said the CDC guidance is “not grounded in reality or common sense” and said she didn’t support new mask mandates. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott (R), said: “The time for government mandating of masks is over.”

As Rep. Rick Allen (R-GA) said back in May just after the CDC had eased up on mask mandates, it’s time for Biden and his officials to focus on getting America back to work. The CDC may have reversed their position, but it’s a good bet Allen, Abbott, Reynolds and many others are holding fast on making America great again.

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