Reporter Calls Out Biden State Department Official

Reporter Calls Out Biden State Department Official

( – The State Department was under pressure last week after a reporter challenged the Biden administration on its record for upholding agreements made by former President Donald Trump. The accelerated withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan seems to be a particularly sore point.

At a State Department press briefing on July 6, AP journalist Matt Lee homed in on the Biden administration’s claim that it was forced to pull troops out of Afghanistan because of an agreement between President Trump and the Taliban. Trump did succeed in negotiating a withdrawal, but the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated badly since then – and Lee wasn’t buying the State Department’s claim that it had no other options.

Putting State Department spokesman Ned Price on the spot, Lee pointed out that Biden inherited many decisions from the Trump administration that he’s since reversed. He asked if the Biden White House didn’t trust its ability to negotiate a later date, and added, “are you saying that the president, in fact, didn’t want to take troops out, didn’t want to withdraw?”

Price feebly replied that Lee would be “hard-pressed” to find an international agreement Biden had done away with, but Lee promptly flattened him by listing three Trump agreements that have been ditched. Price was forced to concede the point.

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