REPORT: China Launches Influence Campaign Targeting Biden Team

China Launches Influence Campaign Targeting Biden Team

( – Perhaps no one has been tougher on China than President Donald Trump. China, hoping for the possibility of an incoming Biden administration, is stepping up efforts to manipulate the Democratic hopeful’s team, according to an American intelligence official.

Director of National Intelligence counter-intelligence head William Evanina spoke to Aspen Institute experts about concerns regarding China on December 2. According to him, Chinese officials initiated an influence campaign “on steroids” targeting Joe Biden’s incoming administration should he be declared the winner of the election.

Continuing, Evanina explained these Chinese efforts target a variety of US policies. For example, they hope to alter US policy regarding Hong Kong, the South China Sea’s legal status, and Chinese efforts to dominate emerging technologies like 5G communications, just to name a few.

Evanina’s revelations are particularly concerning considering Biden’s refusal to call China an opponent while campaigning for president. Biden’s transition team has refused to comment on the situation when pressed by Reuters and other media organizations.

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