Report: Allergy Sufferers Nearly 40% Less Likely to Get COVID

Allergy Sufferers 40% Less Likely to Get COVID

( – Ordinarily, people think of allergies as a major nuisance — and they still are an inconvenience or worse for most. However, a recent report from the United Kingdom has some good news for allergy sufferers regarding their natural immunity to the COVID-19 virus.

On November 30, Thorax, the British Medical Journal’s primary respiratory medical periodical, published the results of a longitudinal study of risk factors associated with contracting COVID-19. Led by researchers with London’s Queen Mary University, the report highlighted the fact individuals with asthma experience a 38% lower risk of developing COVID-19.

Likewise, participants in the study who suffered from immune system diseases like eczema and other afflictions like hay fever and rhinitis-related allergies had a 23% lower risk of infection.

Overall, the study reported a 2.9% rate of infection or 446 incident cases out of 15,277 participants. Thirty-two of them required hospitalization. The rest successfully recuperated at home.

Asian and Asian/British individuals showed an increased chance of contracting COVID-10 versus White participants. Additional factors increasing the odds of infection included living in crowded households, the number of visits to indoor facilities and events, employment in frontline occupations like healthcare workers, and increased body mass index (BMI).

The study provided no theory regarding the reasons why allergy sufferers appeared less likely to contract COVID-19.

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