Repealing Title 42 Is Blocked — For Now

Repealing Title 42 Is Blocked --- For Now

It’s Blocked For Now – But Biden is Doubling Down!

( – Over the last year, the United States has experienced one of if not the, most dramatic surges in immigrants crossing the US southern border. According to US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, 2022 is shaping up to be the most challenging year in decades. Month over month, agent encounters with migrants are more than double that of 2019 and significantly higher than in 2021.

In 2020, the Trump administration used Title 42 to limit immigration as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation. According to the National Immigration Forum, over 1.7 million illegal immigrants were expelled immediately from the United States under the policy. Republicans argue ending the program is a mistake, and a federal judge in Louisianna agreed by temporarily blocking the administration from lifting Title 42 enforcement.

GOP Pushes Back on Biden’s Immigration Policies

On Friday, May 20, US District Judge Robert R. Summerhays of the Western District of Louisiana issued a temporary restraining order preventing President Joe Biden from terminating Title 42. A lawsuit filed by 24 Republican-led states sued the administration to block the repeal of what they say is the last measure to protect the states.

Utah was among those championing the lawsuit; backing his state was Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT). In a hearing on May 5 with Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Romney said the Biden administration’s response to the historic level of illegal immigration was an extraordinary failure. He insinuated if they repeal Title 42, things would return to pre-pandemic levels, and the floodgates would pour open.

Why Is Title 42 So Controversial?

In 2020, then-Democratic candidate Joe Biden accused the Trump administration of acting immorally regarding illegal immigration and led people to believe he would open the US border. At the same time, the Trump administration initiated Title 42 to curb illegal immigration during the pandemic to prevent the spread of the virus into the United States while it coped with the disease internally.

So, what is Title 42?

Congress created Title 42 of the 1944 Public Health Service Act to prevent the spread of viral diseases within the US. Whenever the US surgeon general decides that a contagious disease in another country could be a threat, public health officials, i.e., the CDC, can prohibit immigrants from entering the United States for as long as they believe it’s necessary. The only catch is that the president must authorize Title 42.

So, in some respects, Title 42 is part public health safety measure and part political tool.

Republicans believe that Title 42 is essential to curb the massive illegal immigration problem under President Biden, who appears disinterested in halting the massive migration surge moving up from Central American countries. The GOP wants illegal immigration to be harder and to make legal immigration easier.

Until the pandemic is fully over, they say Biden’s order to terminate Title 42 hurts their states economically, especially as dangerous drugs such as fentanyl pour into the US from Mexico.

So, what do you think?

Should Title 42 be repealed or kept in place?

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