Record Number of Republicans Want to Go to Congress

Record Number of Republicans Want to Go to Congress

( – Apparently inspired by President Trump’s economic success and political momentum, a surge of potential Republican lawmakers has boosted applications to run for Congress to a record level. With many of these new candidates openly citing Trump as the reason they want to run, it’s a powerful sign that his MAGA message still resonates with the American people.


New figures from the Federal Election Commission show that an astonishing number of people registered as Republican candidates in 2019. It’s a major turnaround from the 2018 midterm cycle when the momentum seemed to be with the Democrats.

  • FEC data for 2019 shows that a high number of Republicans, 781, filed the paperwork for a House election bid. In an odd year, that’s the most ever recorded. By comparison, in 2017 the number was 593. The Democrats, who felt history was on their side at the time, had 937.
  • Another 93 filings have been received for GOP Senate bids, bringing the Republican total for 2019 to 874 — against 842 Democrats.
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  • Overall this is a record number of applications, and analysts say it’s all to do with President Trump — on both sides of the political divide.
  • Democrats remain obsessed with opposing the president, and that’s motivating many of them to run for Congress so they can oppose him.

Trump Is Inspiring His Party To Win

  • However, Republicans seem to have more upbeat reasons for running. Several said they want to support the president. Marjorie Greene, a first-time candidate from Georgia, told reporters “I’m tired of seeing my president attacked every day…it’s time to get off the bench.”
  • Greene also targeted the notorious “Squad” led by AOC (D-NY). “These are radical women that will not bend. They do not want to work across the aisle. They only want their policies of the Green New Deal, ‘Medicare-for-all’ and socialism for America,” she said. She also said that sometimes women have to put other women in their place.
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  • The numbers suggest Greene isn’t alone. The National Republican Congressional Committee says its House slate for this year breaks two records — the largest number of GOP candidates overall, and the largest number of women candidates.
  • Several applicants also cited the collapsed impeachment process as a motivator. With President Trump cleared of the charges against him and presiding over a strong economy, he’s looking like a winner. That seems to be inspiring many other Republicans to go after their own victories.

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