Real NRA Agenda Revealed

Real NRA Agenda Revealed
Real NRA Agenda Revealed

Find someone from the Left and ask them how they feel about the NRA. Just make sure you have a few hours; they’ll surely rant.
Most Democrats think the NRA is Satan incarnate, here to convince everyone to take up arms and shoot each other for fun — especially in schools. They twist the narrative to try and accuse the organization of having a hidden agenda. But is that really true?
If you silently answered, “no,” you’re already on the right track. Digging deeper into the facts of the NRA paints a much different picture; instead, we see an image of a distinctly responsible organization with a vested interest in public safety.
Sure, they have an agenda — an agenda to improve gun safety and responsible ownership all across America. And yes, that includes a bit of gun enthusiasm, too.
In this expose, we take a look at the facts.


• The NRA is America’s largest supporter of gun ownership. Over the years, they have played a critical role in defending the Second Amendment and citizen rights across nearly every state.
• There’s a common misconception that the NRA is a corporation or for-profit organization. While the NRA does have for-profit sectors, they are not holistically corporate and were not created with the intention of making money.
• In fact, the NRA is actually a grassroots organization that was first created way back in November 17, 1871. The original goal was to help Union soldiers learn to better aim, shoot, and, well… serve. Later, after war was mostly something to be remembered and reflected on, they shifted to enthusiast support.
• By the mid 1970s, the NRA was officially involved in political lobbying, standing up for the right to bear arms. Within just a few short years, they became a powerful force for the right and bipartisan influence on elections. Today, at nearly 150 years old, they are the largest and most powerful gun activists in the country.
• The NRA’s main belief is that the best way to reduce gun crime, violence and harm is to teach citizens how to protect themselves. The right to bear arms plays a critical role in this self-defense mindset, yet it has been repeatedly challenged over the years. Yet, it is more important than ever in an era when someone who is carrying a gun responsibly has the power to stop a mass shooter entering a church or school to harm those present.
• Training is also highly important to the NRA; in fact, many organizations (including our own military) consider their training programs the “gold standard” for safety. They’re also widely held in strong regard for their certification programs; if they certify someone, they know their stuff.
• The NRA’s “Hunter Training Program” is one of the most respected safety programs for new hunters in the country. It covers not only shooting and gun safety practices, but safe hunting, too, ensuring that people who choose to use guns in that specific scenario are equipped to stay safe.
• Another bizarre rumor from the Left claims that the NRA sells guns, and is currently embroiled in a mass gun trafficking operation with other countries like Russia, China, and Mexico. This is little more than a flat-out lie; the NRA doesn’t even sell guns, period, much less on any illegal black market.
• Becoming an NRA member has distinct benefits. Members are kept abreast of changes to regulations, guns, gun skills, and activism efforts, giving them an opportunity to get involved and work together. This increases safety instead of causing more harm as the Left suggests.
• The Left has persistently accused the NRA of failing to address the issue of gun crimes in schools, saying they don’t care and are ignoring the problem. Yet, the exact opposite is true; NRA leaders in nearly every state have offered to help train and arm teachers, guards and protectors at schools within many U.S. states. Their efforts have been largely ignored in stereotypically blue zones.
• The Department of Motor Vehicles certifies drivers; should they be responsible for drinking and driving? Of course not. So, why would you hold the NRA responsible for gun crime? The Second Amendment right is very real, and the NRA does a lot to uphold it for people who aren’t often even aware their rights are at risk. Given how much they offer the country in support, activism and resources, perhaps it’s time the Left thanks them instead.