Re-Opening Takes a Step Forward

Re-Opening Takes a Step Forward

( – As of Thursday evening, a new three-phase plan was released by the government on how to open up the US again. With everyone focusing on the exact plan and when the time is right, it’s easy to look past the key individuals overseeing the implementation. That’s why President Donald Trump announced the idea of a second coronavirus task force to focus on economic recovery.

While that task force isn’t concrete yet, on Tuesday in the Rose Garden, Trump listed off dozens of names who would be part of his “Opening the Country” council.

According to Trump, the council will have various committees to oversee the healing of vital sectors of America including:

  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Religion
  • Entertainment
  • Travel

Some of those who would make up the council are Jim DeMint, a former senator and president of the Heritage Foundation, JPMorgan and Chase CEO Jaime Dimon, Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO and co-founder of Blackstone and Apple CEO Tim Cook. There are dozens of others who have been contacted who would use their expertise to heal the country. It’s good to see the president hand-picking those who are best suited to guide the US back to prosperity.

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