Rand Paul Refers Fauci for Criminal Investigation

(RightWing.org) – Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Dr. Anthony Fauci sparred multiple times during hearings and through media outlets during the pandemic. Fauci, the former head of the National Allergy and Infectious Diseases Institute (NIAID), retired from public service at the end of 2022. His departure from the government hasn’t stopped Paul from pursuing legal action over his alleged criminal misconduct.

On August 10, Paul issued a press release detailing a letter he sent to Matthew Graves, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, asking his office to open an investigation into Fauci’s previous congressional testimony.

Paul’s letter raised serious questions regarding the veracity of Fauci’s testimony before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee in May 2021. During sworn testimony, the former head of the NIAID told senators that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) didn’t provide government funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain-of-function research, a controversial and potentially deadly practice of using genetically altered pathogens.

The letter explained that Paul warned Fauci about the potential “criminal implications” of presenting false testimony to Congress during that hearing. He also provided him an opportunity to revise his previous declarations.

Fauce responded by declaring that he “never lied before… Congress.” He also refused to retract his statement regarding gain-of-function research.

However, Paul’s letter advised he recently uncovered information indicating that Fauci’s May 2021 was inconsistent with the truth. A House select committee investigating the government’s response to the pandemic recently released an email from Fauci from February 1, 2020. In it, he admitted that Wuhan University was known to have conducted experiments using gain-of-function methods to determine whether “molecular mechanisms associated with bat viruses [were] adapting to human infection.”

Paul also uncovered other evidence that the NIH had funded gain-of-function research through the NIAID during Fauci’s tenure as the head of that institute.

Lying to Congress is a serious violation of federal law (18 US Code § 1621). A guilty verdict carries fines and penalties of up to five years imprisonment.

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