Radicals Call for Purge and Punishment of Trump Supporters

Radicals Call for Purge and Punishment of Trump Supporters

(RightWing.org) – Tensions continue to mount as Democrats, and other radical leftists find themselves giddy over the possibility of taking control of the White House in January 2021. Nevermind the votes in several states haven’t been called yet.

While they impatiently wait, radicals are planning ways to exact their revenge on Trump supporters. Sounds unbelievable. Sadly, it’s true. Sometime around the election, a person or group of individuals launched a website called The Trump Accountability Project.

Former Obama staffer Hari Sevugan posted the following tweet in response to one from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), claiming he launched the site. But, he walked that claim back in a subsequent post.

The website aims to punish individuals who worked to further “the Trump agenda” by limiting their ability to “profit” from that effort and purge them from Washington DC. The website targets three groups: people who worked to help get President Trump elected, persons who worked in his administration, and anyone who helped fund him.

The group initially listed scores of individuals on its sites, including Supreme Court Justices and politicians. They quickly removed the link from their site, but you can still view it using the Internet Archive.

Understandably, Trump administration officials are concerned over the project, especially when you consider how radical elements like Antifa members have been rioting and looting in American cities for months. With any luck, the Department of Justice is on the case.

It is this type of radical behavior that divides this country even further and makes Joe Biden’s calls for “unity” laughable.

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