Putin’s New Disaster Is Collapsing Bridges

Putin's New Disaster Is Collapsing Bridges

Bridges COLLAPSE – A Clear Act Of Sabotage

(RightWing.org) – Russian leader Vladimir Putin is pushing on with his invasion of Ukraine, but problems keep stacking up. In the latest setback, Ukrainian missile strikes have hit several bridges the invaders rely on for moving supplies. Now, Ukraine is preparing a counter-attack.

The southern Ukrainian city of Kherson fell without a fight in the early days of the war, and since then, its Russian occupiers have gotten supplies from Crimea via bridges across the Dnipro River. Early this month, Ukraine began systematically attacking those bridges, and on August 13, the last operational one was damaged in an attack that blew several holes right through its concrete roadway. Britain’s Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) called it a “precision strike,” likely meaning a US-made HIMARs rocket artillery system was used.

The bridge is still standing, but it’s unusable without major repairs. Now, several thousand Russian troops are relying on two pontoon ferries for all their supplies. These powered rafts built from pontoon bridge sections are slow and difficult to operate. DIS says how long those troops can hold out depends on the stockpiles they’ve already built up. Ukraine has made no secret of wanting to counter-attack and recapture Kherson. Now they’ve created the conditions to hopefully make it possible.

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