Putin’s Mysterious Possible Successor Spotted With Him, Report Finds

Putin's Mysterious Possible Successor Spotted With Him, Report Finds

Vladimir Putin “MYSTERY” Possible Successor – Look Who Was With Him

(RightWing.org) – More than 30 years after the Cold War ended, we’re back to studying the faces on the Kremlin balcony to work out what’s happening in Russia. Has strongman President Vladimir Putin already chosen his own successor? Speculation is running wild after he was seen talking to a mysterious figure at this week’s Victory Day parade.

On May 9, Vladimir Putin was on the Kremlin’s famous balcony to watch the annual Victory Day military parade. Now, video has emerged showing him talking to a man as tanks and missiles rumbled across Red Square. Ukrainian race driver Igor Sushko, who shared the video on Twitter, claims the man is Dmitry Kovalev, the head of the Presidential Administration department.

Despite its name, the Presidential Administration isn’t some harmless department that runs the president’s office. Under Putin, it has expanded into a powerful and secretive organization responsible for domestic surveillance, control of political parties, and influencing elections and the media. If Putin really is grooming his successor, leading the Presidential Administration would be ideal on-the-job training.

So far, western media outlets haven’t been able to confirm that the man Putin was talking to is really Kovalev — and, even if he was, that doesn’t mean Putin has chosen Kovalev to replace him. The problem is that with rumors about Putin’s health spreading and his regime in trouble over its invasion of Ukraine, the risk of instability in Russia is focusing minds on who will take over from Putin. And, just like in the bad old days of the 1980s, the only clues we have are those tantalizing conversations on the Kremlin balcony.

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