Putin’s Latest Order to Investors May Be a Cover

Putin's Latest Order to Investors May Be a Cover

Putin’s LATEST ORDER Is Reportedly A “Cover” For Something Else

(RightWing.org) – Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin slapped a draconian ban on western investors trying to pull their money out of his country’s economy. On the surface, it looks like an attempt to mitigate sanctions. In fact, it might be a clever scheme to let companies stay in the Russian market.

An August 5 decree issued by Putin prohibited investors from “unfriendly” countries from selling shares in strategic businesses. So far, several key energy projects have been named, and the government and central bank are working on a list of banks as well. Many western companies have been looking at selling their shares in Russian partners and subsidiaries so they can comply with their own governments’ sanctions against the regime. If they pull out, that could do massive damage to Russia’s economy, and Putin wants to prevent that. But is that the only reason?

Russia is still a profitable market for western businesses, and while they have to comply with sanctions, it’s safe to bet they aren’t very happy about it. Shell Oil has already taken major financial losses by pulling out quickly. Putin’s ban gives it a perfect excuse for hanging on to its investments because now it’s not allowed to sell them. The question is, how understanding will western governments be about companies that don’t leave Russia?

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