Putin Troops Decimated— Hundreds Reportedly Dead

Putin Troops Massacred --- Hundreds Reportedly Dead

Putin Troops Decimated— Hundreds Reportedly Dead

(RightWing.org) – Russian troops have suffered another disaster in Ukraine, and some of them are getting fed up with it. After hundreds of marines were killed or wounded, survivors have slammed “incompetent” generals and demanded an inquiry.

Last week, troops of Russia’s 40th Naval Infantry and 155th Guards Naval Infantry brigades were sent into combat around Pavlika in Ukraine — in a bizarre, unsupported attack with no clear military objective. In four days, the two formations, among the best trained and equipped in the Russian military, lost around 300 men killed, wounded or missing.

Now, men of the 155th have written an open letter to their regional governor in Vladivostok. They’re blaming the incompetence of their brigade commander, Major General Zurab Akhmedov, and Eastern Military District commander General Rustam Muradov. According to the men, the two officers threw them into an “incomprehensible attack” to boost their own reputations.

Despite Putin’s strict control of the Russian media, and harsh penalties for disobedience in the military, Russian troops are increasingly unhappy at being sent into the chaotic, poorly-run war. Survivors of a half-trained conscript battalion that took 75% casualties from Ukrainian artillery on November 1 have complained that their commanders abandoned them as soon as a surveillance drone found the unit. Newly mobilized reservists are abusing their commanders in protest at being sent to Ukraine.

Is Russia’s battered war machine finally beginning to fall apart?

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