Putin Critic’s Death Declared Suicide

Putin Critic's Death Declared Suicide

Putin Critic DEAD – They’re Calling It “Suicide”

(RightWing.org) – A prominent critic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin has died in Washington, DC. Police say it was suicide, and there’s no sign of foul play. However, the dead man’s widow is disputing this narrative.

On August 14, the body of Dan Rapoport was found outside a Washington, DC, apartment building. Rapoport was born in Latvia, a former Soviet republic that’s now an independent NATO nation, and built a career as an investment banker in Moscow. Forced out of Russia in 2012 over links to the political opposition, he moved to the US. In 2017, he moved to Ukraine, where he stayed until Russia invaded in February.

Hours after Rapoport’s body was found — before his family had even been informed — a pro-regime Russian journalist was claiming he had tied a suicide note and cash to his dog’s collar, released it in a park then gone home to jump from his apartment. However, Rapoport’s Ukrainian-born widow Alena denies that there was a note and says her husband had future plans.

DC Metropolitan Police say the case remains open but so far is being treated as suicide. However, in 2017 Rapoport’s former business partner and fellow Putin critic was also found dead below a high window in Moscow. Is this coincidence, a copycat suicide or something more sinister?

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