Putin Claims He Won’t Overthrow Ukraine’s Government

Putin Claims He Won't Overthrow Ukraine's Government

(RightWing.org) – The Russian war against Ukraine is proving to be more challenging for President Vladimir Putin than many thought it would be. Across the world, most experts agreed that Russia would secure the country easily and quickly. That’s proving inaccurate as Ukrainians are putting up an intense fight.

The resistance is bogging down Russian forces around almost every major city. On Wednesday, March 9, the Russian government made some astounding statements. Still, the rhetoric isn’t matching the actions of Russia on the ground, and many are wondering what Putin’s off-ramp is as he contradicts himself.

Putin Makes Odd Claim

For all of the destruction, death, and suffering in Ukraine, the narrative coming out of Moscow is changing. Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the special military operation was to protect eastern Ukraine controlled by Russian separatists groups. Additionally, Zakharova said Russia wanted to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, as well as sever its ties to NATO and the West.

Zakharova emphasized that Russia’s goal is not to occupy Ukraine, strip it’s statehood, or overthrow the current government. She also stated that military operations are not targeted at civilians.

Russia’s Statement Defies Putin’s Past Statements and Reality on the Ground

In recent weeks, Putin made the claim for assault on Ukraine by saying it’s not a real country, it ultimately belonged to Russia, and that the former Soviet bloc country should be de-Nazified. His rhetoric justified a war that could lead to occupation and kill lists.

Many in the West are declaring that Putin is committing war crimes against civilians. Recently, the media reported that Putin hired mercenaries to terminate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which failed on numerous occasions. On Wednesday, the Russian military bombed a maternity hospital. Images showed pregnant women trying to escape, and one was on a stretcher as helpers tried to navigate the bombed facility and debris.

Ukrainian lawmaker Dmytro Gurin said that one city surrounded by Russian forces had only three days of food supplies. He added that there are bodies lining the streets as a mass grave is dug for the dead.

The longer the war goes on, some believe the more likely it will be that Russia is defeated. Still, that means more people are likely to die.

On Thursday, Russian and Ukrainian high-level officials met to discuss a cease-fire — the talks went nowhere. Russia told Ukraine there was only one way to end the war – full demilitarization and full surrender.

Does this sound confusing to you?

Perhaps it’s a translation problem? Or, maybe the Russians are purposely putting out contradictory messaging.

Either way, the facts on the ground speak for themselves.

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