Psaki Attacks GOP for Standing Up Against DEI in Military

( – The House passed its version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) On Friday, July 14. The annual bill establishes funding levels and policies governing the Pentagon’s spending. The Republican-led measure prohibits the use of taxpayer money for several Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently attacked GOP lawmakers for taking a stand against the military’s use of DEI training.

On Sunday, Psaki launched a fiery assault on what she called the “right-wing conspiracy” that Defense Department officials had turned the nation’s military into a leftist group, “indoctrinating [service members] with hundreds of hours of DEI training.”

According to the former White House mouthpiece, soldiers only undergo one hour of diversity classes as part of basic infantry training. She also claimed recruits spend “160 hours on rifle marksmanship” during basic.

However, a quick review of the policy changes proposed under the new NDAA shows the high level of concern by GOP lawmakers that the military is doing far more than spending an hour training recruits on DEI.

For instance, the bill bans using federal funds for military programs promoting critical race theory. It also ends the use of the military’s version of affirmative action, instead opting for a merit-based system for recruiting and promoting service members. Likewise, the measure bans funding for advisory committees exploring standards based on factors like race and gender identity.

Coming full circle, Psaki also spent a considerable amount of time attacking Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) for his efforts to protect the unborn from a new military policy. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin recently issued a memo directing Defense officials to provide time off and funding for service members to travel to obtain abortions if they are stationed in a state that bans or otherwise restricts the procedure.

Psaki claimed Tueberville is the one harming military readiness, not administration efforts to indoctrinate soldiers.

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